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Our Discord is now public! Feel free to join with this link:

When you log in and have joined, you'll be acquainted with a list of very simple rules, so please follow them.

Patreon Public

Well, It's about that time, I reckon. All this time, we've just been working silently; well, fear no longer, we're going to make our Patreon public! With this release, we'll also publish a little test/demo of Project Minotaur. It won't be much, as I'm thinking that you'll just be able to walk around a bit in the maze, maybe fly, and possibly edit some graphics options (only if you're lucky!). The actual game already has an inventory system and weapons, but I think that for the demo release, these are largely unnecessary.


Welcome to TrickWater Arts, this is the main blog page where you can stay up to date with our daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/decennially/centennially doings. You can also download sneak-peaks and/or game previews from the 'Games' section on the menu up top. (You can also sort through the progress updates there, for the kind of people that enjoy that sort of thing)

About TWA

TrickWater Arts was founded as a partnership between Alex Eisley and CJ Burkey in April of 2017. Most often developing strategy, survival, or roguelike games, the two developers work together to produce some amazing games!

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To support us, you can either support us on Patreon or purchase one (or more) of our games. For nonmonetary support, feel free to contact us to give us feedback on our demos/experiments!

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You can find us on Twitter, Patreon and our Discord Server.