I know many of you (hehe, "many") probably don't know what we actually do at TrickWater, which is fine, because we're about to switch it up again. Basically, Project Minotaur has been our little baby for 8 months or so now (since September), and I feel its time we bid it a temporary farewell. We'll leave the links up for the download to the pre-alpha testing release, but we won't be working on it for a few months, at the least.

What happened?

Working on the game began to yield little to no results, and I finally came to the conclusion that I was burnt out after spending a 10 hour work day doing nothing to but constant stuff for Project Minotaur, and had I told no one, the changes would have been completely unnoticed.

All in all, I love this game, and hate to see development halted, but what's best is what's best. I think it's time we move on for a little bit, until we have the stamina to revive Project Minotaur and bring to it new techniques and ideas.